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Selasa, 30 April 2013

My Inspiring

Hot-blooded killer that's his daily title while he was teaching. Ignorance student’s stupidity becomes his main aim. He was a lecturer who likes traveling all around the world. Due to his hobbies of reading and watching a foreign movie, he was inspired to visit the beautiful places in the world. Not only to enjoy the beauty, but also to give thanks to God for all his greatness.
For him, reading was very interesting, heart rate, heart gestures, and the character can be sense by reading.
He was also very happy watching. Because of this, he enrolled himself as a disciple of "Jacky Chan and Jet Lee". From the two men he studied philosophy and self defense.
Chronology of his education is amazing, because he was very like to learn since he is childhood. English, Arabic, and Japanese language is incomprehensible. Novel and magazine become his daily reading before he had school. It made him surprised when he entered the school firstly. "Ini Ibu Budi" that's what he learned at that time. Therefore, primary schools should be done for 6 years, but for smart people like him only take 5 years.
He never felt hard learning. For him it is easy to learn, as we liked the lesson. When other people were spasm to learn English, he still smiling. Until one day his father served in the corners, precisely in Jawai-Sempedang, when he did not have a science, Mathematics, and English teacher, he learn by himself.he was assume that learning can be anywhere, and anytime. Without a teacher though.
After graduating from high school, his desire to enter UI Jakarta is   blocked, because of to lack of his father’s income as a soldier. It is not make him despair to continue his study. Because of his ideals around the world, he chose the English language. When he in 4th semester, he was asked to become an assistant lecturer. After graduate, he was asked to teach at his college. He also followed the test S2 scholarship in America and London. And finally he was a master from Thame Valley University, London, UK.  It is amazing ....

Can we follow him? Sure you can, by means follow his Motto:

-After you finish one work, go on other work 
-Find the sciences as high, in order to find the greatness of god 
-Put seed anywhere, let the god who foster. 
Keep smiling and friendly like him. Make yourself falling in love with the lesson, that you may easily learn it. And stay ... to be "hot-blooded killer"